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Can she walk a way of those around her?
Can she raise her eyes from the ground?
Can she give herself a moment of glory?
Will she let her ambitions drown?

She is the self destructor.
Love your life and Carry on.
She is the dark conductor.
And I will fade when she's gone.

Solemn words of self-despising,
Drowning praise in a sea of black.
Taking aim at her own reflection,
And she orders her own attack.

She is the self destructor.
I must find her another way.
If I must come abduct her
She may live another day.

I will raise you and hold you on high.
I will look you straight in the eye.
I will take your knees out of the dirt.
And I will strip away all of your hurt.
I will stop this self-destruction.

I will.
I know "Destructor" isn't a word. It fits what I was describing.
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November 10, 2012
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