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I called your name.
From the dark of the alleyway.
I'll kept you from,
The pain of the finale day.

You knew my face.
How could you ever forget?
I just had to pause.
To make sure I wouldn't regret.

Your head snapped back.
Blood coats the wall.
And if I could take it all back.
I wouldn't have flinched at all.

What you didn't know.
What you couldn't understand.
Is that the me and the dark.
Go hand in hand.

Me and the Dark,
Go hand in hand.

You knew my name.
You've smiled before.
You knew me as soon,
As I came to your door.

Crooked alleys carve,
Scars into the city.
And what you are,
Made the scars look pretty.

And well I can't have that.
So I picked me up a gun.
And with a nasty sound.
Your war was won.

They'll cry for you today.
And they'll try to understand.
But then they'll forget.
Broken hourglass sand.

Me and the Devil.
Go hand in hand.

You served my hate.
On a silver platter.
As the silver dropped.
All the people scattered.

The flashing lights,
Outside of your door.
Remind me of just what,
Exactly was the score.

I called upon the moon.
And the moon called back.
Said it's my only friend now.
My skies are all black.

And now you see.
Now you can understand.
After all this time.
You were holding my hand.

After all this time.
You were holding my hand.
a blues song :3

Proud of how this one sounds when I sing it. I can't wait to get some music to it
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December 4, 2012
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