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I love the burning of bitter frost my bare flesh.
I hate the haze of a summer's sun on my back.
The sound of a harp does nothing but piss me off.
And I love the smell of a charring forest turning black.

Am I a freak of nature or just a natural freak?
Do I see you staring at me or am I staring at you?
What does it matter to you what I do with my life?
What kind of damage to you could my opinions do?

I want to spit acid in the eyes of every deceiver.
Everyone who says "How are you?" and doesn't mean it.
And to those vanilla liars, I am their hell's receiver.
And I will punish them whatever way that I see fit.

You don't care about me, you're just doing what's expected.
You follow the rules and can't handle anything bizarre.
Ask "How are you?" and I'll tell you "I don't know."
And you can't respond just because that's how you are.

You and the ignorant will get what's coming soon.
And it will make you all rethink your social position.
Do you smile because you're happy or because we want it?
Do you cater to society instead of yourself on your own volition?

And I will take arms up and tape your arms up above their heads.
And bind your limbs together with a web of lies.
And while you dangle there, hanging by a spider thread,
All of you casual ignorant citizens all understand you're flies.

I may be the freak and you may be oh-so by the book.
But what would an army of rocks say to a single jewel?
Think about that as you keep giving me that look.
And understand how that kind of thinking makes you the fool.

I am a freak, I am a weirdo, I am just not like you
I am not a human, I am not just some social beast.
Why would I want to be? You're pathetic, the lot of you.
So keep staring, I'll lick my lips and prepare for the feast.
A little something that I realize when talking to people in general.
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January 4, 2013
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